Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not. Our SPCi Series conditioners are designed to maintain a constant voltage output regardless of the input voltage i.e. whether or not the input voltage is higher or lower than the output setting (see specification).

Our SPCi Series conditioners are specifically engineered for marine applications and are not a redesigned automotive unit (see specification).

Our SPCi Series conditioners feature switched-mode technology in order to provide compact size and high efficiency, which cannot be obtained with conventional linear design (commonly known as voltage droppers).

Our SPCi Series conditioners are electrically insulated from the case (ungrounded) as opposed to automotive style conditioners, which are grounded to the case. They are also galvanically isolated so that there is no common connection whatsoever between the input and the output (DC-DC). There are many advantages in using galvanically isolated conditioners (see features).

Because of the efficient design, the SPCi Series conditioners run considerably cooler than most comparative brands even in high ambient temperatures. These have been designed for use in high ambient temperatures such as those encountered in Australia.

Our SPCi Series conditioners are regulated to the nominal voltage and retain excellent accuracy up to and including the maximum rated load.

Our SPCi Series conditioners produce less than 20 mV ripple (peak to peak), considerably less than most comparative brands, resulting in imperceptible noise levels.

Our SPCi Series conditioners conform to Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2064 and European standard EN50081-1 / EN50082-1 for EMC (Electro-magnetic Compatibility). As a result the products display both the ‘C Tick’ and the ‘CE’ marks respectively. A declaration is also available online.

Our SPCi Series conditioners have a comprehensive series of protection devices (see specification). These prevent the unit from failing due to incorrect application/installation and protect the equipment it supplies.

Our SPCi Series conditioners are simple to install and connect and are supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual which is also available online.

Our SPCi Series conditioners are exceptionally reliable. For peace of mind they are covered by a full two-year manufacturers warranty (see warranty policy information).