Switchmode Voltage Stabilisers

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The new interVOLT SVS (Switchmode Voltage Stabilisers) are so much more than a mere voltage regulators.

In short, the SVS is a power conditioning device without the galvanic isolation. If you don’t require DC-DC isolation then the SVS is the cost effective solution for your application. The SVS is a common negative device for 12 and 24VDC transport applications. It will protect your in-vehicle/vessel electronic equipment from a range of voltage issues including dips, spikes, and sustained low and high voltage transients.

The SVS is excellent value-for-money when the specification is compared to similar products in the market. With digital over analogue control the interVOLT SVS series is second-to-none in terms of performance with a high specification in a compact device. It incorporates diagnostics with LED status indication to assist the installer/operator in identifying and troubleshoot issues should they arise.

The SVS also boasts automatic features that protect both the device and the equipment connected.

Our new mounting plate design does not increase the footprint which allows the device to be installed in areas such as under dash, under seat, in electrical enclosures, etc, anywhere space is limited.

The interVOLT SVS has been designed from the ground up for the transport market to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from on-board voltage issues. We’ve covered some of the main benefits in the overview but there are a host of other features designed into the product which makes the interVOLT SVS the benchmark product in its market sector. These are expanded upon in greater detail in the manual (see downloads) but can be summarised as follows:

  • Available in both 12V and 24V DC for transport applications;
  • Excellent line and load regulation output characteristics;
  • Highly stable under a range of adverse input voltage conditions
  • Suitable for high temperature ambient environments;
  • Compact in size with unique mounting clip to reduce footprint;
  • High visibility LED status display and diagnostic indicators;
  • Corrosion resistant materials suited to tropical environments;
  • Conformally coated printed circuit board for greater protection;
  • 24 months warranty (subject to policy terms and conditions).

Topology – switchmode buck/boost common negative connection single inductor circuit. Application – for 12V and 24V DC in-vehicle/vessel installations.

• 12VDC Version: SVS1212050
• 24VDC Version: SVS2424025

Input Voltage
• 12VDC Version: 11V to 17V (will dip to 8V)
• 24VDC Version: 22V to 33V (will dip to 16V)

Output Voltage
• 12VDC Version: 12.5VDC ±1%
• 24VDC Version: 25.0VDC ±1%

Current Rating
• 12VDC Version: 5.0 Amps maximum
• 24VDC Version: 2.5 Amps maximum

Standby Current
• 12VDC Version: Idle current 70mA @ 13.0V input
• 24VDC Version: Idle current 70mA @ 26.0V input

Conversion Efficiency @ 25°C
• 12VDC Version: Up to 93% (13.0Vin @ 5A load)
• 24VDC Version: Up to 95% (26.0Vin @ 2.5A load)

Load Regulation
• 12VDC Version: 0.1% up to full load @ 13.0V input
• 24VDC Version: 0.1% up to full load @ 26.0V input

Line Regulation
• 12VDC Version: 1.5% of rated output @ 11V – 17V input
• 24VDC Version: 1.5% of rated output @ 22V – 33V input

Output Ripple
• 12VDC Version: 10mV rms (nominal) @ 13.0V input, 5A load
• 24VDC Version: 10mV rms (nominal) @ 26.0V input, 2.5A load

Diagnostics – Supervisory indication including
• Output status LED
• Low voltage input LED
• High temperature LED
• Output over load/short circuit LED

• Input under voltage: Shutdown with auto reset and fault indication
• High temperature: Shutdown with auto reset and fault indication
• Overload/Short Circuit: Shutdown with auto reset and fault indication
• Transient Voltage: Filtering via purpose designed circuitry

Environmental Considerations
• Operating temperature is -20°C to +50°C
• Operating humidity ideally <95% (non condensing)

Environmental Protection – Conformally coated PCBA (tropicalisation)

Termination – Purpose M3 Screw terminal with combination head

Construction – ABS/PC alloy and 6063-T5 anodised aluminium

• Footprint: 62mm x 101mm overall
• Profile: 34mm including mounting plate
• Weight: 160 grams

EMC: AS/NZS CISP 11 and EN55011. Australian C Tick and European CE mark.

Switchmode Voltage Stabilisers | Download Brochure
SVS – Brochure
Switchmode Voltage Stabilisers | Download Manual
SVS – Manual
Switchmode Voltage Stabilisers | Download Technical Data Sheet
SVS 12VDC – Technical Data Sheet
Switchmode Voltage Stabilisers | Download Technical Data Sheet
SVS 24VDC – Technical Data Sheet