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interVOLT SLD Mini Series electronic lighting dimmers are an innovative solution to an age old problem. The dimming of DC lighting circuits at an affordable price has always been an issue. The SLD Series overcomes this with an innovative design packed with features to ensure reliability, longevity and safety. Housed in interVOLT’s new Mini Series enclosure which is not only stylish but compact, efficient and installer friendly. Designed for any 12 or 24 Volt application where dimming of DC operated filament lamps is desirable including boats and yachts, motor homes and caravans, buses and coaches.

Unique to interVOLT, is the self diagnosing electronics. This design provides valuable feedback to installers and operators alike. An LED displays the system status and will indicate standby power, lamp load connected (lights on), over temperature and output short circuit.

interVOLT dimmers feature a host of devices designed to protect the electronics from various connection and application problems. The dimmers are protected against, short circuit, over temperature and an internal fuse protects the electronics in the event of component failure.

All interVOLT dimmers have an integrated device which stores data for various functions including the memory feature.  The memory function records the current ‘brightness’ setting when the lights are switched off, so that same ‘brightness’ is resumed when turned on again.

Soft Starting
A special feature of interVOLT dimmers is the soft start function. High inrush current diminishes the life of common filament lamps.  This feature controls the start up power by limiting the in-rush current, considerably extending the bulb life.

An innovative feature of our dimmers is the temperature failsafe mode.  Most electronic dimmers either fail or shutdown on temperature overload.  interVOLT dimmers are programmed to dim the lighting circuit to 50% of full load if the electronics should overheat.

Parallel Connection
Another innovation is the master/slave function.  Each interVOLT dimmer is in itself a dual purpose device.  Rather than purchasing individual master and slave units the interVOLT dimmers can be made into either by simply using the master/slave slide switch.

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