InterVOLT’s heritage can be traced back to August 1989 when Amelec Australia – back then a distributor of specialised DC electrical products for the marine industry – took its first steps as a supplier to the teeming WA marine and boat building industry.

In the years to follow the team at Amelec recognised the need for high quality, marine grade voltage converters to service the 24VDC power conversion market. Unable to source a suitable product from Australia or overseas, a decision was made to commence R&D into power conversion products. InterVOLT’s journey had officially begun. In May 2001 the first interVOLT Maxi Series Voltage Converter was released to the market. With our converters proving to be a great partner in the industry, the range was expanded to include isolated power conditioners, isolated voltage converters and battery equalisers.

interVOLT Vehicle

All of our interVOLT products are designed and built in Australia, to suit Australian conditions. This fact soon saw the interVOLT brand being demanded by specialised communications suppliers, emergency service vehicle builders, mining companies and those who recognised the need for quality power conversion products in their mission-critical electronics. Those who knew they needed quality, knew they needed interVOLT.

Fast-forward to 2010 and behind the great success of our evolving and expanding product range, we had released the PSR Programmable Sensing Relay. This release was an auspicious occasion for a few reasons. It was a finalist in the Australian Good Design Awards in 2012 and although the PSR was something we’d considered to be a commercial product, it had already found its way into consumer 4WD applications. With this knowledge and our ongoing product development, we commenced our Automotive Battery Management range, releasing the EBI Pro and the DCC Pro in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

In recent years interVOLT has seen incredible growth in business and brand awareness and today our products are available throughout Australia (and globally) at a trade and retail level via our continuously expanding network of distributors Australia-wide and beyond.