The Importance of Stability!

With many in-vehicle or in-vessel electronic devices such as data terminals, screens, LED lights and monitoring systems a stable voltage is crucial to the equipment’s performance. When there are fluctuations in voltage the best case scenario is some electronic devices may shut down, reboot or corrupt data during engine cranking or other voltage dips. The worst case scenario of course is actually damaging these products during prolonged exposure to high and low voltages or voltage spikes from switching heavy loads or charging systems.

interVOLT now have a solution.

The SVS is a non-isolated 12 or 24VDC voltage stabiliser. The first of our interVOLT products to feature “buck boost” technology, the SVS has been designed to protect sensitive, and often expensive, electronic devices from many of the issues mentioned above. In short it is a power conditioning device without galvanic isolation.

Compact in size and great value for money, the SVS gives the end user inexpensive piece of mind for protection of their DC equipment.

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