faq_icon Frequently Asked Questions – DCC Pro Series 01-In-Vehicle-DC-DC-Battery-Charger


Why am I unable to programme my DCC Pro after installation?

Why can’t I enter the programme mode after connection?

I made a mistake when programming. Disconnected the unit, and it re-set, but am now getting SYS1 .

I’ve programmed the unit but now when I press the OK button the display shows a SYS error.

In voltage mode why does my display stay on?

Should I run the DCC in ignition mode or voltage mode?

In ignition mode should I choose ‘low’ or ‘normal’ setting?

Can I feed the data cable through an existing wiring grommet?


I need advice or assistance installing the device.


I have installed a solar panel, but the charger is in standby.

How do I get into solar mode?

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