Case Studies

Following are actual cases of on-board issues resolved using interVOLT's Power Conditioner series solutions. The issues addressed in these cases are problems that could affect any vessel operating a 12 or 24 VDC system as the primary power source for operating any electrical and electronic equipment.

Case A: Voltage drop affecting HF radio performance

Problem: A cruising class yacht was fitted with a well known brand of High Frequency (SSB) radio and connected to the on-board 12.0 Volt DC supply

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Case B: Wiper motors creating nuisance line interference

Problem: A 65’ workboat was fitted with a 24 VDC windscreen wiper system. The wiper motors were causing interference

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Case C: Instrumentation dropping out on low voltage

Problem: A racing yacht was fitted with the usual array of sophisticated electronic equipment operating from the vessel’s on-board 12 Volt DC battery supply

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Case D: Voltage spikes damaging printed circuit boards

Problem: A fishing trawler was fitted with a 3 phase AC to 24 Volt DC power supply used for operating a variety of on-board DC equipment

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Case E: Sensitive electronics damaged by voltage dips

Problem: A leisure craft, used extensively for drift fishing, was fitted with the usual array of modern electronic equipment including a chart plotter/sounder

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Compiled and edited by Mike Brand and Terry Bennetts on behalf of Amelec Australia Pty Ltd . E&OE.

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