The interVOLT Story

interVOLT In-Vehicle Design and Development Unit against Perth city backdrop.

Since 1989, Amelec Australia has been a major importer and distributor of specialised electrical and electronic equipment for the marine and automotive industries.

In the year 2000, we recognized the need for high quality, marine grade, voltage converters to service the 24V – 12V DC power conversion market. Unable to source a suitable product from Australia or overseas, we embarked on an ambitious project to develop and produce our own range for the commercial marine market.

Our first interVOLT product, the Maxi SVC Series was born and introduced to the market in May 2001.

interVOLTSince then we have introduced our acclaimed range of DC-DC Power Conditioners, Battery Equalisers, Voltage Stabilisers and Lighting Dimmers in both Maxi and Mini Series. More recently we released our innovative PSR Series Programmable Voltage Sensing Relays, our high performance, compact range of voltage stabilisers and our world first – the EBI Pro, a programmable solid state dual battery controller.

We are housed in our new R&D centre in Western Australia and continue with the design and development of exciting and innovative projects for the specialised DC market. With the new projects we have under development and our philosophy to maintain quality-at-value products we are confident of interVOLT becoming an international name in the power management and conversion market in the near future.


interVOLT In-Vehicle Design and Development Unit interior fit-out view.interVOLTinterVOLT